Philosophy and the Universal: An Intercultural Issue

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 31.03.2023
Ort: Tropos. Rivista di Ermeneutica e critica filosofica
Datum: 31.03.2023
Uhrzeit: 23:55 Uhr
Name der Publikation: Francesca Greco

How universal is the concept of the “universal”? It is certainly one of the foundational philosophical concepts and, among others, the metaphysical notion that Western philosophy has relied upon to convince itself of its own universality. And yet the concept has been understood differently throughout history and across philosophical disciplines – from metaphysics, logic, ethics, politics, to the philosophies of language, law, and religion. Importantly, the flourishing of intercultural thought has forced philosophy to question the universality of its concepts and of its own practice. (more in the PDF)

The upcoming issue of Tropos will be dedicated to the concept of the universal in relation to the notion of philosophy itself.

The topics include but are not limited to:

-metaphysics, logic, ethics, politics, philosophy of language, philosophy of law, philosophy of religion, intercultural philosophy, interreligious dialogue, and philosophy of translation

-reconstructions of the role played by the concept of the universal within Western traditions

-the peculiar relationship between the concept of the universal and that of philosophy or metaphysics

-new theoretical perspectives on the articulation of the relationship between the universal and the particular, the universal and reality, the universal and philosophy.


Papers should be in English, French, Italian, Spanish, or German and prepared for (double) blind review. (Results of blind reviews by May 30, 2023)

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