Rethinking Decolonialism: Afrotopia, Contested Africanity and Trans-colonial Perspectives

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Datum: 12.09.2022
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Name der Publikation: Decolonialism: Afrotopia, Contested Africanity and Trans-colonial Perspectives
Veranstaltende Institution: Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany

Some recent scholarly works on Africa have devoted quite some attention to decolonization, especially in the form of decoloniality. While some have whole-heartedly embraced the decolonization/decoloniality discourse both in Africa and internationally, others have weighed in critically (Olufemi Taiwo, Naude, et al) while yet others are interested in trans-colonial (transcending colonial) propositions and perspectives (Taiwo, Agbakoba, Odimegwu, et al), some of which may be seen in interpretations of Fanon, Cabral, Wiredu, Gyekye, Azikiwe, Nkrumah. In this growing discourse, Africanists in and outside Africa have taken opposing views on certain grave and fundamental issues concerning Afrotopia (Africa’s better future), the nature of Africanity and engagement with the colonial deposit in Africa’s history and identity, especially whether it can be scrubbed away (decolonization/decoloniality, relying on deconstructivity) or transcended (trans-colonization/trans-coloniality, relying on constructivity/creativity).


The objective of this publication is to inspire a re-evaluation and re-interpretation of these topics. Interested contributors should send the title and abstract (not more than 300 words) of their proposed contribution by the 30th January, 2023. Deadline for Submission of the article is 30th June, 2023.


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Marita Rainsborough (Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany)

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