Socialism: Rationality and Distribution

Ort: One day online, one day at the Free University of Berlin
Beginn: 30.06.2022 09:45
Ende: 01.07.2022 18:05

There are two main themes to the workshop: rationality and distribution. The first theme considers the possibility of economic rationality under socialism. The speakers will address the following questions: What philosophical assumptions about economic rationality should we make when discussing the possibility of a rational allocation of goods under socialism? Can computerised planning algorithms make rational decisions about the use of resources for us? Does a rational allocation of productive goods require the commensurability of values? How should trade-offs between productivity and environmental protection be decided?

The second theme considers how consumer goods and labour burdens should be distributed in a socialist economy. Must there be limits on what any one person can take for themselves? Should the distribution of goods follow some principle of fairness? How should differential needs and abilities be considered in the distribution of goods, services and labour burdens? What incentives (if any) should there be for citizens to contribute their labour to socialised production?

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