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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers

Name der Publikation: Journal of Didactics of Philosophy


The Journal of Didactics of Philosophy (JDPh) welcomes authors and readers on it's new website. We are issuing an open call for contributions. There is no deadline. Manuscripts will be published straight after sucessfull double blind peer review:




Please get in touch with the editors, Dr. Jonas Pfister and Prof. Dr. Philipp Richter, if you have any questions or suggestions.


About: The Journal of Didactics of Philosophy (JDPh) is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to research on the teaching and learning of philosophy. Articles may be about any level of education, however the main focus is on high school philosophy. All articles are published in Open Access; there are no fees (Diamant/Platinum OA). We welcome work with a philosophical or normative approach as well as reports of results from empirical qualitative and quantitative research. The journal also publishes reviews of books, textbooks and other educational material of international interest as well as country reports about similaries and differences in teaching philosophy in different countries. It is an aim of the journal to promote the dialogue among researchers and practising teachers across the world.

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