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Deadline: 30.04.2022
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Abstracts
Ort: Verona, Italy
Datum: 29.09.2022
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Veranstaltende Institution: SAFI, safi-network.org

In recent years, researchers in a variety of fields have come to recognize the crucial relevance of the concept of responsibility as they investigate its conditions and features across domains. “Responsibility” implies a relational structure, based at least on a responsible subject and on an object of responsibility. But it also involves a normative framework which demands that the individual takes responsibility for something. Moreover, an agent can feel responsible from a subjective perspective, and/or can be objectively considered responsible for something she/he did. “Responsibility” is also connected to the moral and legal concepts of guilt, imputation, and free will,s ince it implies the agent to be an autonomous, rational human being. In this sense, it actually bridges the gap between the law, morals and politics (Klement), and it challenges conventional thinking about law and legal frameworks. In these cases, the internal perspective of responsibility, which is still moral, needs to be supplemented by the external perspective in which positive law is in force. This brings together the legal concept of imputation with that of responsibility as a moral and political category (Kaufmann), clarifying the relationship between the subjective and objective dimensions of responsibility and imputation (Larenz). Thus, in the legal context, ascription of responsibility implies suing for damages (e.g. in civil law) and punishment (e.g. in criminal law).

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