Nicholas of Cusa’s De venatione sapientiae

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Deadline: 31.12.2021
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Bernkastel-Kues
Datum: 21.07.2022
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Veranstaltende Institution: Kueser Akademie für Europäische Geistesgeschichte

Knowledge hunting is a Leitmotiv among Occidental Culture: from Plato to Lull, from Nicholas of Cusa and Giordano Bruno to Ortega y Gasset, this metaphor peculiarly represents tiring human journey towards wisdom. In this sense, Nicholas of Cusa’s De venatione sapientiae is exemplar. Written between 1462 and 1463, this treatise looks loke a retrospective glance turned on his own philosophical activity, main concepts of his thought and his continuous dialogue with philosophical tradition.

On the treatise De venatione sapientiae focuses the 10thJuncusaner Tagung, that will be held from 21to 24July 2022 in Bernkastel-Kues (Germany). In collaboration with the Kueser Akademie für Europäische Geistesgeschichte and the Società Cusaniana, this international congresswill take place both in presence and at a distance (a hybrid option will beavailable).

The aim of the congress is to discuss the work De venatione sapientiae from different point of view (e.g., philosophical, historical, philological) and to analyse the role it plays both into Cusanus’s

philosophical path and on the threshold between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. We also welcome proposals that focus on the context and influences on Cusanus, as well as his influence on contemporaries and subsequent generation.

All young students and researchers (from B.A. graduated and Ph.D. Fellow since not more than three years from Ph.D. graduation) are invited to submit any abstract (300 words max. for a 30-minute paper) with

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