Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Persistence and Modality

Ort: Mainz
Beginn: 21.10.2021 10:00
Ende: 23.10.2021 17:00

After a long regency of Humeans like Willard V.O. Quine or David Lewis, the revival of Aristotelian ideas in metaphysics marks a fundamental turning point in the recent history of the discipline. Those adopting the Neo-Aristotelian point of view, are charged to fundamentally rethink many pivotal concepts and issues. Even around 30 years after the groundbreaking works of e.g. Kit Fine, E.J. Lowe or David Wiggins in the 80th and 90th of the last century this process is still underway.

The announced workshop will deal with Neo-Aristotelian perspectives on two central and closely related metaphysical issues: persistence and de re modality. One aim is to (further) advance the Neo-Aristotelian appropriation of each of these topics. Another is to bring into closer contact different developments that run under the heading of Neo-Aristotelianism, but still proceed in relative isolation from each other. The workshop will also give room to critical reflections on Neo-Aristotelian ideas and perspectives.


The workshop will be held by the Society of Philosophy of Time (S.P.o.T) in corporation with the department of philosophy Mainz.

The workshop will be fully online. All participants are welcome. Please send, by October 18, a short email to now@spotime.org to indicate your will to participate. The Link for online participation will be announced once it is established.



Florian Fischer

Dirk Franken

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