Objectivity and Truth in Cassirer’s Philosophy of Culture and Philosophy of Science

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Beginn: 07.10.2021 11:00
Ende: 08.10.2021 21:30

The conference aims to reconsider the enduring relevance of Ernst Cassirer's philosophy in view of the challenges of fake news, conspiracy theories, alternative facts, and science denial, as well as the rise of political myth and the erosion of expertise and democratic institutions, that all could be brought under the philosophical problem about the possibility of objectivity and truth.


The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms was after all an ambitious attempt to radically widen and diversify the meaning of objectivity without forfeiting its claims to universality or its firm footing in human reason. By ascribing to mythical, religious, and linguistic

expressions an objective status that most of Western philosophy had preserved for scientific thought, Cassirer’s philosophy can however be taken as either enriching or weakening the ideas of objectivity, truth, and rationality.


In view of the current crisis of truth, we thus ask what Cassirer’s theory of culture and of science can teach us about the plurality, relativity, or universality of human understanding.


Keynotes: Sebastian Luft and Samantha Matherne


Speakers: Elio Antonucci, Francesca Biagioli, Massimiliano D‘Acconti, Luigi Filieri, Jacob Hesse, Isabel Jacobs, Katherina Kinzel, Luigi Laino, Andrea Reichenberger, Domenico Schneider, Alex Seuthe, Benedetta Spigola, Philippe Stamenkovic, Noah Stemeroff, Katherine Ward, Elisabeth Theresia Widmer


Organizers: Tobias Endres (Braunschweig) and Simon Truwant (Leuven)

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