Kant and Schopenhauer in Dialogue

Ort: Mainz
Beginn: 22.09.2021 11:00
Ende: 24.09.2021 16:00

Typically, while Kant is regarded by scholars of German Idealism as its founder, Schopenhauer is seen as its adversary, if not downright as one of its destroyers. According to this scholarly consensus, the commonalities of the philosophies of Kant and Schopenhauer are confined to their alliance to transcendental idealism.

However, a closer look proves this assessment uncritical and reveals multiple intrinsic relations between Kant’s and Schopenhauer’s conceptions not only with respect to epistemology, but also aesthetics, ethics, philosophy of science, metaphysics of nature, political philosophy, and metaphilosophy. At the same time, the divergence between the two philosophers is no less instructive for a better understanding of the development of German Idealism.

It is the ambition of the conference to bring to light and examine different aspects of this multifaced relation of Kant’s and Schopenhauer’s philosophies


Announcement: www.philosophie.fb05.uni-mainz.de/files/2021/07/Kant-and-Schopenhauer-in-Dialogue.pdf


Program: www.philosophie.fb05.uni-mainz.de/files/2021/07/Program-Kant-and-Schopenhauer-in-Dialogue.pdf


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