Commemorating Evildoers

Ort: online
Beginn: 07.09.2021 00:00
Ende: 10.09.2021 00:00

The toppling of Colston’s statue raises a variety of issues in philosophy, ethics and political theory,

including issues related to the ethics of memory and forgiveness, the moral and political value of

protesting, the legitimacy of historical moral judgements, the relationship between aesthetic and

moral value, among many other issues. The workshop will invite selected speakers and also call for

papers to explore some of the following questions from a variety of theoretical and political

perspectives (obviously examples are not restricted to Colston):

- What is the proper purpose of monuments and statues?

- What is commemoration and what is it for?

- How should we decide what monuments to erect (and keep) in public spaces?

- Should we judge historical figures (and past authors) by today’s moral standards?

- What kind of respect, if any, is an artwork owed?

- Is it morally acceptable to destroy public artistic monuments?

- Can a monument be artistically beautiful or valuable while being also morally despicable?

- Are the protestors guilty or erasing history (“cancel culture”) or are they engaging with

history. In other words, are they desecrating or are they in fact making a commemoration?

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