Ethics of Conversation and Disagreement

Ort: Zoom
Beginn: 18.06.2021 11:45
Ende: 19.06.2021 20:00

One of the essential features of any conversation, listening, seems to be rather absent in the current public debate. A public debate that is conducted more via memes and other imagery forms, and abbreviations rather than sentences, does not seem to appeal to the public’s listening and reading abilities. How do current style(s) of the public debate affect its ethics and conduct? And what kind of ethics of conversation could help restore or re-organize the public debate such that the debate becomes a debate again about the improvement of public institutions rather than a means for more social disruption and division? Moreover, while the internet was foreseen to help the emancipation of minority groups (Mc Luhan, 1964; Pariser 2011), these groups seem to be again marginalized, discriminated and sidelined. This happens not only on social media but also verbally more vehemently than ever (Nagle 2019). How to amend these kind of undemocratic tendencies? More generally, how can we organize disagreement such, that it is productive rather than disruptive and how can we learn to become better listeners, readers, and more articulate writers (of social media messages) to ensure voices are (correctly) heard? In the pluralist world of today, which is characterized by manifold and widespread moral disagreements and value conflicts, an ethics of conversation and listening seem to be particularly relevant.
In this initial workshop on the Ethics of Conversation and Disagreement, we intend to explore these and related questions. Its goal is to address the public debate in post-truth times from a new ethical perspective, rather than the dominant political one. The workshop aims at bringing together scholars from different philosophical disciplines and the Humanities more broadly (political science, communication studies, media studies, literary studies, cultural studies, law).

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