2021 Munich Lectures in Ethics: Baroness Onora O'Neill

Ort: online (Zoom)
Beginn: 26.05.2021 17:30
Ende: 27.05.2021 19:30

For the 2nd international Munich Lectures in Ethics, Baroness Onora O’Neill, Eremitus Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University will give three lectures on the topic „Why Human Rights Are Not Enough“, joined by distinguished commentators Prof. Laura Valentini (LMU), Prof. Jeremy Waldron (NYU) and Prof. Stefan Gosepath (FU Berlin). All contributions will be published by Oxford University Press.


Since antiquity European discussions of justice, and more broadly of ethics, have mainly addressed the question ‘What ought we do?’ and focussed on a wide range of duties of differing types. However, from the early 20th century this traditional emphasis on duties was quite widely questioned and set aside. Since mid-century many approaches to ethical questions have addressed the narrower question ‘What is each person entitled to?’, and have focused on respect for human rights and the limited range of duties they require. In this year’s Munich Lectures, O’Neill will speak about how the shift from treating duties as fundamental to treating rights as fundamental has led to a narrowing of ethical discussion. Human rights matter, but also raise difficult issues which arise because the interpretation and application of human rights rely on ethical and epistemic requirements that do not lie within the canonical lists. Theories of human rights matter, but they cannot stand alone because they do not offer a complete view of requirements of justice, let alone of wider ethical issues.

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