CFA/CFP: Dostoevsky, Existential Philosophy, and Contemporary Thought

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: labyrinth@axiapublishers.com
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 2021-04-04
Ort: Wien
Datum: 01.09.2021
Name der Publikation: Labyrinth: An International Journal for Philosophy, Value Theory and Sociocultural Hermeneutics
Veranstaltende Institution: Institut für Axiologische Forschungen, Wien

Labyrinth: An International Journal for Philosophy, Vaule Theory and Sociocultural Hermeneutics is preparing a Special Issue on the occasion of the 200th Birthday of Fyodor Dostoevsky. As it is in some sense a continuation of the previous issues, dedicated on the intertwining of Philosophy, Art and Literature. From special interest are the following topics:

• The philosophical reception of Dostoevsky's ideas in Existential Philosophy and Personalism (Shestov, Berdyaev, Marcel, Sartre, Camus, Beauvoir a.o.)

• Dostoevsky and Psychoanalysis (Freud, Kristeva)

• Dostoevsky, Atheism and Religious Thought

• The Question of Sense and Non-Sense (of Life)

• Evil and the Dark Side of Human Nature

• The Identity Question: The Double

• Dostoevsky and Women

• Dostoevsky's Ethical and Political Thought in Contemporary Context

Other topics are also welcome.

Researchers working in the above fields are invited to submit a brief abstract with a short bio-bibliographical note (including real names, degree, position and main publications) until the 4 of April 2021. Authors who have already a finished unpublished paper are welcome to submit it within an abstract, a bio-bibliographical note; the paper should be formatted according the Guidelines. Papers in their final form should be submitted no later than 1 of August 2021.

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