Second CfP "Information in Interactions between Humans and Machines" (Philosophy & Technology)

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: March 31, 2021

Current developments in AI-based technologies (especially in machine learning) open up new ways of data and information exchange in Human-Machine Interactions (HMI). As a consequence, the character of HMIs is influenced considerably. This poses challenges on the individual as well as societal level. For instance, some applications of HMI (like self-tracking devices or neurotechnologies) can effectuate new forms of self-knowledge, influence the way people interact with their environment or affect their being-in-the-world. Furthermore, epistemic authority or dependencies on information might change in the context of new HMI technologies. HMI related information might result in changes of attitudes, aims, actions, or self-concepts of persons. Moreover, reflections on information and interaction in HMI must take into account possible effects of algorithms used in information exchange, for instance, on human decision-making and self-determination and, hence, on our concepts of agency, autonomy, privacy or responsibility.

The Topical Collection is dedicated to these challenges with a special focus on questions of describability, meaning and potential consequences of novel processes of information acquisition, processing, storage and exchange in the context of new HMIs.

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