Call for Papers: Journal of Didactics of Philosophy (JDPh)

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: philipp.richter@rub.de
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers

Name der Publikation: Journal of Didactics of Philosophy (JDPh)

The JDPh is issuing an open call for contributions. If you would like your article, country report or book review to be published in the next issue (March 2021), please follow the instructions on the website. Your text should reach one of the editors no later than 25th of January 2021 (but manuscripts are also welcome at any time).


The following issue, which will be published in October 2021, will focus on a special topic: Philosophy Teaching and Digital Transformation.

We welcome submissions on this broad topic, in particular answers to questions such as: How can (and should) philosophy be taught online? What are the advantages of online teaching? Is it possible to completely substitute the important features of philosophy classes by electronic communication or learning software? Please send your text to one of the editors no later than 15th of July 2021.




The Journal of Didactics of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to research on the teaching and learning of philosophy. It is published online twice a year, and edited by Jonas Pfister and Philipp Richter. The access to all articles is free. Articles may be about any level of education. However, the main focus is on high school philosophy. We welcome work with a philosophical or normative approach as well as reports of results from empirical qualitative and quantitative research.

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