Conference "Time & Consciousness"

Ort: Imperia, Italy
Beginn: 31.08.2020 10:00
Ende: 02.09.2020 18:00

The conference “Time & Consciousness” will investigate the relations between temporal phenomenology and the metaphysics of time.

For more info see: s-p-o-t.weebly.com/time--consciousness.html

The conference is co-organized by the Society for the Philosophy of Time (https://s-p-o-t.weebly.com), the University of Siegen and the Theatre Lo Spazio Vuoto. It will be part of aTempo, a festival which brings together philosophy, literature, music, cinema and theater to explore the nature of time (26 August- 2 September). For more info see: www.atempo-festival.com

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