Minds & Machines special issue on "Artificial Speakers - Philosophical Questions and Implications"

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 31.10.2020
Name der Publikation: Minds & Machines : Artificial Speakers - Philosophical Questions and Implications

This special issue of Minds and Machines invites papers discussing a range of topics on human-machine communication and the philosophical presumptions and consequences for developing, distributing, and interacting with speaking robots.

We invite the submission of papers focusing on but not restricted to:

- What are philosophically sound distinctions between speaking robots, unembodied chatbots, and other forms of artificial speakers?

- What constitutes discourse participants, and can artificial speakers ever meet those requirements?

- Can artificial speakers perform speech acts, and if yes, can they perform all speech acts humans can perform? Or do robots perform unique speech acts?

- What kind of artificial agent(chatbot, virtual agent, robot,...) can be capable of what kind of language or discourse performance?

- What is the role of anthropomorphism/technomorphism in modelling chatbots as discourse participants and in modelling human interlocutors as technical discourse participants?

- What are the normative consequences of moral statements made by artificial discourse participants?

- How will communicative habits between humans change by the presence of artificial speakers?

- How can semantic theories explain the meaning-creation of artificial speakers?

- Are normative conventions in human-human communication (politeness, compliments) relevant and transformable/transferrable to human-machine


- Are there any presuppositions in human-machine communication?

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