CFP: Moral Philosophy and Politics

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 1.11.2020
Name der Publikation: Moral Philosophy and Politics

Call for Papers: Moral and Political Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

Guest editor: Mathias Risse, Harvard University


Moral Philosophy and Politics invites contributions on the moral and political-philosophical implications of the emergence of artificial intelligence, on themes

including, but are by no means limited to, the following questions:


What, if any, topics in ethics and political philosophy would need to be

rethought in light of the possibility of an intelligence explosion, or at least of

the arrival of artificial intelligences much advanced beyond the current state of



Would we welcome the arrival of new types of intelligences in our lives, and

thus accelerate that process, or should we be wary and thus take steps to

make sure there will be no intelligence-explosion?


Do we need to rethink the human rights movement (focused, as it is, on the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights) to prepare ourselves for sharing

social and political spaces with what effectively will be alien but highly

accomplished intelligences?


Do we need to reconsider our attitudes to, and how we live with, technology

now that its development takes on forms that were hard to fathom some

decades ago?


What impact, if any, would there be specifically in the domain of epistemic

justice through the increasing possibilities in the domain of surveillance by

both governments and the private sector?


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