Moral Responsibility. Interdisciplinary Workshop

Ort: LMU München
Beginn: 16.12.2019 09:00
Ende: 17.12.2019 19:00

**Moral Responsibility. Interdisciplinary Workshop**


LMU Munich


16-17 December


Little is as relevant as moral responsibility for our sense of self and the interactions with others. How and why do we hold people accountable? When is it fair to punish a wrongdoer? What are the cognitive mechanisms that drive responsibility ascriptions? What are the moral and legal implications of scepticism about responsibility? How does the presence of agency modulate our sense of responsibility? This multidisciplinary workshop on Moral Responsibility brings together philosophers, psychologists and cognitive scientists to discuss these fundamentals of human cognition.


Speakers: Monika Betzler (LMU), Cory Clark (Durham), Paulina Silwa (Cambridge), Gregg Caruso (SUNY), Mario Gollwitzer (LMU), Richard Holton (Cambridge), Frederike Beyer (Queen Mary), Mario De Caro (Roma Tre/Tufts), and Joshua Shepherd (Barcelona/Carleton)


Please register on www.moral-psychology.eu by December 8.


The website contains further details about the event.? Snacks and drinks will be provided


Organisers: Sofia Bonicalzi and Nora Heinzelmann


Sponsors: Cambridge/LMU Partnership Programme, the Philosophy Faculty Mentoring Programme and the LMU Incoming Fellowship, Center for Advanced Studies

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