The Humanities and the Rise of AI - Implications of Cultural and Societal Engineering

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Ort: Luxemburg
Datum: 14.06.2020
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Conference Description


Digitization and the rise of artificial intelligence forecast radical change on all aspects of human practice, especially given the ever-improving abilities of algorithms in tasks like pattern recognition and their practical application. Powerful technology arises from AI research, opening the gate for various forms of cultural and societal engineering, i.e., a reshaping of culture and society by dint of algorithmic models and "intelligent" applications. To date, however, even highly-trained algorithms are only outperforming humans in very specific tasks with limited scope (e.g., chess), as opposed to banal – yet cognitively highly complex – everyday actions like assessing the immediate consequences of a lie.


Section I – Mind and Consciousness

Section II – Learning and Inventing

Section III – Reading and Data Modeling

Section IV – Complexity and Control

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