Philosophische Anthropologie als interdisziplinäre Praxis: Max Scheler, Helmuth Plessner und Nicola

Ort: Köln
Beginn: 06.11.2019 16:30
Ende: 09.11.2019 16:00

A central question for the a.r.t.e.s. Research Lab concerns a philosophical anthropology that avoids both an isolated philosophical foundation and disciplinary atomization. “Interdisciplinary anthropology” denotes the attempt to avoid such constrictions.

The Cologne pioneers of philosophical Anthropology, Max Scheler (1874-1928), Helmuth Plessner (1892-1985) and later Nicolai Hartmann (1882-1950), are ideal interlocutors for this project as they are likewise pioneers of interdisciplinary cooperation. In order to reflect on their contemporary meaning anew, the festive context of the 100th jubilee of the University of Cologne offers an ideal occasion. In the course of the 4-day conference, the connection of systematic problems with the historical contextualization should contribute to extensive discussions on the models, methods and practices of interdisciplinary anthropology together with the 3 societies in three sections.

In addition to an attractive cultural program the event will begin with a workshop on “Interdisciplinary Anthropology of the Future – Social, Political, and Ethical Dimensions”, leading into the celebratory conference opening and close with a concluding panel on the “epistemic practices of editing and translating.”


To register please send an email to edzwiza@uni-koeln.de

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