"The Ethics of Knowing" (JeSyP 2019)

Ort: Jena
Beginn: 30.07.2019 11:00
Ende: 01.08.2019 18:30

The topic of the second Jena Summer Symposium in Philosophy (JeSyP 2019) is “The Ethics of Knowing”. This year’s distinguished guest is Professor Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff University). The symposium will take place from July 30th to August 1st in Jena, Germany, co-organized by Christine Bratu (Munich) and David Löwenstein (Jena).


Professor Tanesini will lead a a one-day seminar on epistemic injustice, aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and give the keynote lecture at a two-day workshop with peer-reviewed presentations.


Participation is free and open to all, but since places are limited, all are required to register until June 30th. Please visit jesyp.jimdo.com

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