Philosophical Reasoning as Transformative Experience

Ort: University of Konstanz
Beginn: 24.07.2019 14:00
Ende: 26.07.2019 16:45

Philosophical Reasoning as Transformative Experience


A Conference at the University of Konstanz, July 24-26, 2019


Organized by Andrea Lailach and Rico Gutschmidt



L.A. Paul’s treatment of transformative experience has been much discussed in recent decision theory. However, it seems that the notion of transformative experience might be productively applied to the therapeutic and transformative aspects of the enterprise of philosophy itself. This application of transformative experience to the activity of philosophy will be explored at this conference.


All sessions will be held at room G 201.

Attendance is free. Registration is not required.

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us at transformativeconference@gmail.com

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