Paternalism, Nudging, and the Digital Sphere

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 15.01.2020
Name der Publikation: Moral Philosophy and Politics

Information technologies (broadly construed) provide corporations and governmental institutions with tools that enable them to push the behavior of their citizens/users into directions they consider “right”. This might also change the way in which paternalistically motivated interferences are induced. In this context, the concept of ‘nudging’ has come to increased prominence in public policy circles. It is defined as the attempt to influence an individual’s or collective’s behavior by altering choice-architecture using basic cognitive biases. New information technologies allow for a way more potent kind of nudges: by means of big data analysis, corporations or governmental institutions are able to obtain ever more broad and fine-grained sets of information about persons and groups so that nudges can be more efficiently customized, often by AI-based bots.

We invite contributions on the ethical and political ramifications of digital technologies. Suitable research questions include, but are not limited to:

• What kind of paternalistically motivated interferences are justified on moral and political grounds?

• How can we ensure that a digital nudge still qualifies as an instance of morally acceptable libertarian paternalism?

• When, if ever, are corporations justified to exhibit paternalistically motivated behavior?

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