Public Research and Private Knowledge – Science in Times of Diverse Research Funding

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Deadline: 30.06.2019
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Datum: 26.03.2020
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Veranstaltende Institution: Center for Applied Philosophy of Science (ZiWiS)

The production and distribution of knowledge is a key process in scientific and scholarly inquiry. However, this process is not and has never been limited to universities and public research institutes, but extends to agents as diverse as the Research & Development Departments of companies, citizen scientists, and private non-profit research institutes. In recent years, these agents have shown an increased interest in basic science, for example in fields of rising social significance such as AI or biotechnology. These specific research interests in turn direct attention to the sources of funding, and, as a consequence, to the direction of inquiry and the accessibility of results. The main problem that arises from this development can be expressed as follows: Does the influence of private funding change the selection of research topics in an epistemically or otherwise (un-)desirable direction? And does it lead to a privatization of knowledge?

These questions require an epistemological assessment as well as a historical, sociological, and economic perspective. The conference aims at bringing together researchers from all pertinent fields in order to further our understanding of this apparent organizational shift in knowledge production and distribution.


Please send an anonymized abstract (approx. 500 words) and a separate document specifying your general information (name, contact, affiliation). We welcome proposals from individuals at all stages of their career.

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