Eros | érôs in Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy”

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Ort: Dublin
Datum: 24.05.2019
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Veranstaltende Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Although Walter Benjamin’s references to the concept and praxis of eros are sporadic, he appears to be acutely concerned with questions of love and desire from early on. In particular, his writings are deeply engaged with the concept of érôs as it appears in Plato’s Symposium, where it is defined as a kind of super-medium in which everything communicates with everything. Benjamin, however, dislocates the concept of eros. In his essay on the “demonic” figure of Karl Kraus, for instance, he attempts to overcome the ambiguous entanglement of spirit and the daimon—or, more precisely, the ‘demonic nature’ of sexuality—by exploring the intimate relationship between eros and language...

During our two-day workshop, we will draw on the manifold meanings of the concept of eros in Benjamin’s work. The event is the sixth in a series of events dealing, directly or indirectly, with Benjamin’s concept of Aktualität. The workshop will be organised around close readings of selected text passages, which allow connections to be drawn between Benjamin’s reflections on philosophy, aesthetics, language, sexuality, and history. Since the workshop revolves around intensive reading sessions, some prior knowledge of the relevant texts is strongly encouraged. Bilingual, German-English copies of the texts will be made available. To facilitate the discussion, the number of participants for this workshop is limited.

This year we will be joined by ESTHER LESLIE (Birkbeck, University of London).

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