Hannah Arendt: Challenges of Plurality

Ort: Paderborn University
Beginn: 13.12.2018 13:00
Ende: 15.12.2018 17:00



International Conference

Paderborn University

13th – 15th December 2018


In her writings, Hannah Arendt strongly affirms the plurality of the world. From the very first moment, when she introduces the notion in The Human Condition, it becomes clear, that plurality is the cornerstone of condition humaine. For Arendt, plurality means that “men, not Man, live on the earth and inhabit the world”. This seemingly banal assumption affects her entire political theory considerably.


This conference aims at exploring challenges posed by plurality, but also opportunities it offers. As an interdisciplinary endeavor, it opens up for different approaches to Arendt, inviting scholars from fields such as philosophy, politics, theology, media studies, sociology, gender studies, history, and others. It also prompts examination of interplay with other theorists. We will to tackle currently relevant problems, such as migration politics and human rights, but also raise ever-present issues, such as the philosophical potential of the concept of plurality, possible foundations of normativity in our contingent world, or stimuli of political action.


The conference is financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG).



Tobias Matzner, Paderborn University

Maria Robaszkiewicz, Paderborn University

Jochen Schmidt, Paderborn University



Maria Robaszkiewicz: maria.robaszkiewicz@upb.de

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