In Search for a Social Minimum: Human Dignity, Poverty and Human Rights

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Deadline: 01.12.2018
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Ort: Luzern

Special Workshop at the IVR World Congress “Dignity, Democracy, Diversity”

July 7-13, 2019, University of Lucerne, Switzerland


Convenors: Elena Pribytkova (New York University School of Law) & Gottfried Schweiger (University of Salzburg)


This workshop is aimed at discussing a social minimum as a set of human rights guarantees aimed at protecting individuals from poverty and enabling them to lead a dignified life. From theoretical and practical perspectives, the special workshop will analyze the interrelation of dignity, poverty and human rights and, in particular, the role of the concept of human dignity in justifying the social minimum principle and the right to a dignified existence. The concept of dignity is widely used in philosophical and legal theories to criticize the injustice of poverty, to underpin human rights of the poor as well as to develop social and global justice programs. At the same time, there are some valid doubts as to the capacity of contemporary broad and vague interpretations of human dignity to serve as a basis for human rights in general and the human right to a dignified existence in particular.

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