Concepts of God and Man In Henry More’s Critique of Jacob Böhme

Ort: Ruhr-Univeristät Bochum
Beginn: 30.11.2018 18:00
Ende: 01.12.2018 18:00

More’s epistolary treatise Philosophiae Teutonicae Censura provides a critical, albeit sympathetic, account of the eponymous German mystic’s riveting vision of the cosmic drama of divine being and becoming. Written in 1670 at the behest of a friend (probably his “heroine pupil” Anne Conway), the Censura deals both with the person and the work of the famous Silesian shoemaker whom its author, despite the metaphysical errors of his visions, views as a pious Christian of great imaginative power. More’s answers to the addressee’s ve quaestiones or “enquiries” amount to a Neoplatonic reimagining of Boehme’s visionary theological cosmology.

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