Parallax. The Dependence of Reality on Its Subjective Constitution

Ort: München
Beginn: 30.11.2018 09:00
Ende: 01.12.2018 14:00

The concept parallax refers to the apparent displacement in the position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. Yet, more precisely, it includes the assumption to understand the observable change not simply as a subjective change of focus on the part of the subject, but also as a change of the object (characterized by an internal antagonism) on the level of its ontological status. In this case, a shift in the epistemic standpoint of the subject implies an ontological change in the object as well.


Parallax can be detected in Kant’s antinomies, as well as in the incommensurability of various debates between eliminative scientistic and historically dialectical materialists, and it can be identified in the struggles for the sovereignty of a scientific worldview over, for example, life forms of religions.


As multifaceted as this figure of thought is, it contradicts both a naive epistemological realism, widespread in the academic world of today, and an eliminative scientism, namely in rejecting the belief in one basic structure of reality in which subject and object can harmoniously be put to rest.


KeyLecture: Slavoj Zizek


Speakers– Mladen Dolar (Ljubljana), Dominik Finkelde (Munich), Markus Gabriel (Bonn), Sebastian Gardner (London), Graham Harman (Los Angeles), Thomas Khurana (Yale), Christoph Menke (Frankfurt M.), Dirk Quadflieg (Leipzig), Frank Ruda (Dundee), Alenka Zupancic (Ljubljana)


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