CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline: 27.01.2019), Journal of Didactics of Philosophy, JDPh 4 (1/2019)

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: pfister.jonas@gmail.com
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 27.01.2019
Name der Publikation: Journal of Didactics of Philosophy 4 (1/2019)
Veranstaltende Institution: www.philosophie.ch/philosophie/literatur/zeitschriften/jdph

The Journal of Didactics of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to research on the teaching and learning of philosophy (ISSN 2624-540X). Articles may be about any level of education, however the main focus is on high school philosophy. We welcome work with a philosophical or normative approach as well as reports of results from empirical qualitative and quantitative research. The journal also publishes reviews of books, textbooks and other educational material of international interest as well as country reports, which provide information about the different ways of teaching and studying Philosophy across the world.


For further information please contact our website



We are issuing an open call for contributions.




If you would like your article to appear in the next volume JDPh 4 (1/2019) for March 2019 please send your submission until 27/01/2019.


Please send your article in English as well as an abstract in an electronic document (word, pdf) by email to one of the editors.


With kind regards,


Jonas Pfister – pfister.jonas@gmail.com

Philipp Richter – philipp.th.richter@gmail.com

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