Investigating the Mind: Pain, Emotion & Affective Disorders

Ort: Ruhr-Universität Bochum, GA 04/187
Beginn: 08.11.2018 14:00
Ende: 10.11.2018 17:00

The workshop "Investigating the Mind: Pain, Emotion & Affective Disorders" focuses on how we can and should investigate the mind in an interdisciplinary approach.

More specifically, we will be looking into the study of pain, emotion, and affective disorders from both empirical and philosophical perspectives. Our main objectives are to discuss (1) what kinds of strategies can be employed to investigate pain, emotion, and affective disorders and (2) what our best currently available accounts of these paradigmatic mental phenomena are. To achieve this, we bring together international experts studying the mind trained in different disciplines (neuroscience, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology).



The registration for the workshop is now open to be send at sekretariat-newen@rub.de. Please indicate ‘InvestMind’ in the reference line and your affiliation within the mail. We also kindly ask you to indicate whether you plan to participate at the conference dinner at your own expense. There will be vegetarian and vegan options. All participants are highly encouraged to join the talks as well as the group discussions!

The registration deadline is the October 31st. The participation is free of charge.


Scientific Organization

Sabrina Coninx, Lena Kästner, Albert Newen

Institute for Philosophy II, Ruhr-University Bochum



The conference will be held at Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany.

More Information www.rub.de/philosophy/investigating-the-mind/

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