Conference "Norms and Reasons"

Ort: University of Zurich
Beginn: 01.11.2018 09:30
Ende: 03.11.2018 15:30

In recent years, the topics of normativity and of reasons have attracted increasing attention. Yet the precise nature of the connections between the different normative and reasons-related notions or phenomena remains disputed. Moreover, while there have been lively exchanges between some areas of philosophy concerned with these topics, such as philosophy of action and epistemology, the crossovers between these and other philosophical sub-disciplines, e.g. philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, have been minimal. Our conference aims to further the debate by providing a common forum for philosophical investigations into how norms and normativity relate to reasons.Organizers: Hanjo Glock (University of Zurich) and Eva Schmidt (University of Zurich) in collaboration with Frank Hofmann (University of Luxembourg) and Susanne Mantel (Saarland University)


Registration (until Oct 28) and inquiries: eva.schmidt@philos.uzh.ch

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