Philosophy, Archaeology and Community Perspectives: Finding New Ground

Ort: Universität Konstanz, Raum V1001
Beginn: 22.10.2018 17:00
Ende: 23.10.2018 17:30

Ethics is gaining in salience in the practice of archaeology as a highly socially-embedded science. Archaeologists have begun to re-think the world using key elements of archaeological studies, i.e. materiality and a long-term perspective,as well as topics, such as postcolonialism, feminism, and violence.

Ethics also plays an integral role in the development of a globalized philosophy, which, being grounded in non-Western sources, seeks to unmask cultural hegemony. This is why our workshop will concentrate on the ethical aspect of our work.

The main tectonic lines to follow during the workshop will be:

How can socially responsible research be carried out among living communities? Are academic accounts still in danger of becoming impositions on local ways of understanding the world, and how? Can archaeology and philosophy collaborate to prevent this sort of imposition from happening? How does the social positionality of researchers impact upon their research? How can socially responsible research make room for differences among situated knowers, differences which can be traced back to their social positionality? What is the level of epistemic diversity one should aim for?

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