The History of Logic: Women’s Contributions

Ort: Universität Paderborn, Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn. Raum: E5.333
Beginn: 18.10.2018 14:15
Ende: 19.10.2018 15:45

The past twenty-five years have seen an explosion in historical research on women philosophers and scientists due to attempts to integrate more female voices into the philosophical canon. Across history, women’s writing is now being recovered not as marginal but as theoretically important for contemporary debates and issues. By contrast, historical research on female logicians is a true desideratum to this day. Scholars have long tended to exclude, marginalize and trivialize women’s contributions to logical issues, problems and developments. Correcting this omission is pressing since doing so promises to deepen our understanding of the history of logic and to enrich our picture of the aims and scope of logic. Moreover, the socio-political relevance of integrating women logicians and their contributions into our teaching practices can hardly be overestimated. The aim of this workshop is to address one of the remaining gaps, namely the role of female logicians in the development and philosophical interpretation of logic.

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