Summer School 100 YEARS OF MODEL THEORY (Episode I: Loewenheim - Skolem - Goedel - Herbrand)

Ort: Jena
Beginn: 03.09.2018 09:00
Ende: 07.09.2018 16:00


The interdisciplinary summer school is hosted by the Institute of Computer Science

and the Institute for Philosophy of the University of Jena.


The Loewenheim-Skolem theorem was proven about 100 years ago.

It is not only the first theorem of model theory, but also the first theorem of metalogic.

In the summer school we will read the fundamental results from Loewenheim and Skolem,

as well as works from Goedel and Herbrand, that build on the latter.

We will discuss their relations and their impact

from both a formal logical and philosophical point of view.


The lecturers at the school include

* Timothy Bays (University of Notre Dame)

* Juliette Kennedy (University of Helsinki)




The school is aimed at Master and PhD students of

Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy

and related fields with some knowledge in formal logic.

Please use the application form at www.mt100.uni-jena.de.

Applications may be submitted by June 28, 2018.



Tabea Rohr (Institute for Philosophy, Univ. Jena)

Martin Mundhenk (Institute of Computer Science, Univ. Jena)



E-mail: mt100@uni-jena.de

Homepage: www.mt100.uni-jena.de

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