American Women Philosophers (Libori Summer School)

Ort: Paderborn
Beginn: 30.07.2018 11:30
Ende: 03.08.2018 17:00

Lecturers: Mary Ellen Waithe and Dorothy Rogers


This course explores the ideas of two women in the early idealist philosophical movement in the United States: Marietta Kies (1853-1899) and Lucia Ames Mead (1856-1936). Kies developed a theory of altruism in public/political life and was a member of the Christian Socialist movement. Ames Mead developed a theory of pacifism and was a member of the peace movement. Kies remained in the academic world throughout her career. Ames Mead chose to become an activist, working for the formation of the League of nations in the early twentieth century. Both women anticipated later feminist theories of care, peace, and action, which will be discussed in this course.

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