Summer School: Sceptical Strategies, Methods, and Approaches in the Middle Ages

Ort: Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies: Jewish Scepticism, Universität Hamburg
Beginn: 29.07.2018 09:00
Ende: 03.08.2018 18:00

The Summer School focuses on major sceptic concepts, strategies and key terms in medieval Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin literature. Participants and instructors will focus on sceptical and anti-sceptical enquiry of concepts of truth and knowledge as well as sceptical methods of doubting and arguing. The Summer School will offer a unique platform to discuss the tension between philosophy and faith, and between reason and revelation within medieval discourses. Participants will be engaged with primary Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic texts. The aim is to provide participants with the tools to examine scepticism and anti-scepticism within Christian, Islamic, and Jewish contexts in relation to attaining true knowledge.

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