Teleological Structures in Human Life – A Workshop on and with Anselm W. Müller

Ort: Leipzig
Beginn: 20.07.2018 09:30
Ende: 22.07.2018 16:30

Over the last 40 years, Anselm W. Müller has published many seminal essays on practical reasoning, virtue, the distinction between making and acting, and the ends of theory and practice. What unites these investigations is the interest in the teleological structures that characterize human life. Müller argues that the way thought in general and practical thought in particular are for the sake of an end differs from both, the blind natural teleology exhibited, for instance, by the functioning of our organs and the intentional teleology of human action. Similarly, virtuous action is neither a blind functional contribution to the good human life, nor is such a life directly in view as an end when one acts virtuously. According to Müller, it is this peculiar directedness towards truth and the good life which elevates human life above mere nature and gives it a spiritual dimension.

For further information, please contact: christian.kietzmann@uni-leipzig.de


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