Dignity and the Kingdom of Ends

Ort: Bayreuth
Beginn: 20.07.2018 09:00
Ende: 21.07.2018 18:00

Due to a number of societal developments dignity has in recent years become a topic of significant international academic interest in a variety of disciplines, including politics, ethics, law, and various social sciences. Despite its popularity this focus on dignity has also attracted a number of vehement critiques, attacking e.g. dignity’s perceived vagueness or its propensity to illiberal abuse. Kant’s notion of dignity in particular is often singled out for criticism. In responding to such charges, recent Kant-scholarship has revealed there is significant disagreement among Kantians about the nature and importance of dignity, too.

Given the pivotal role that Kantian dignity still plays within the larger dignity and human rights debate, this is an issue with far-ranging implications, not just of a philosophical, theoretical nature, but also for moral and political practice. Hence this conference, which brings together various established Kant scholars to discuss and determine the way(s) dignity is best understood within the Kantian approach to moral and political philosophy.


Registration: email to philo.conferences@uni-bayreuth.de before 11 July. Conference fee: €25.


This conference is funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

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