Habermas on religion (European Journal for Philosophy of Religion)

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 15. Dezember 2018
Name der Publikation: Habermas on religion
Veranstaltende Institution: European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Special Issue

Habermas on Religion

Deadline for submission:

December 15, 2018


[] Klaus Viertbauer (Department of Christian Philosophy, Leopold Franzen University, Innsbruck) [] Maureen Junker-Kenny (School of Religion, Trinity College, Dublin)


Religion has become a central theme in the later work of Jürgen Habermas, leading him to correct and specify positions taken in his earlier writings. For the occasion of his 90th birthday on June 18, 2019, the European Journal for Philosophy of Religion is publishing a Special Issue on “Habermas on Religion“ and is launching a Call for Papers.


*Origins and Transformations of Modernity

*Kant, Hegel, and Continental Philosophy

*The Dialectics of Secularization

*The Public Sphere, Reason, and Religion

*The Axial Age, Theories of the Sacred and Ritual


[] Hille Haker (Loyola University, Chicago)

[] Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University, Chicago) [] Martin Matustik (Arizona State University, Phoenix)


Papers must be in English and should not exceed 9,000 words including abstract etc. All papers will be subject to double-blind peer- review, following international standard practice. Manuscripts are to be submitted through the Online Manuscript Submission System accessible at philosophy-of-religion.eu/submissions (registration needed). Please make sure to indicate that the article is submitted in response to the CfP “Special Issue: Habermas on Religion / V

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