Intervening in the human germline

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: robert.ranisch@uni-tuebingen.de
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 1. Juli 2018
Name der Publikation: Bioethics

The chances and risks of engineering the human germline have been discussed for decades. This debate has gained new vigor in the light of recent technological developments (e.g. CRISPR/Cas or mitochondrial replacement). In 2015, Chinese scientists were the first to modify (non-viable) human embryos by using the genome-editing technique CRISPR/Cas9. Despite the widely-supported call for a moratorium or ban, research on human embryos is now taking place in the USA and Europe. While there is a consensus that germline therapy is currently not safe enough for clinical use, basic research on the human embryo continues and is preparing the ground for possible applications in the future.


The Guest Editors of this special issue of the journal Bioethics invite submissions that examine the ethical, legal and societal implications of techniques that allow interventions in the human germline (e.g., modification of primordial germ cells, stem cells, zygotes).


This special issue will bring together multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives. The Guest Editors welcome contributions by scholars from a broad range of disciplines, in particular, philosophy, law, (theoretical and empirical) social sciences, cultural studies, disability studies, media studies, STS.


The editors welcome early discussion of brief proposals and/or abstracts by email to: robert.ranisch@uni-tuebingen.de


Manuscripts should be submitted to Bioethics online at: mc.manuscriptcentral.com/biot.

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