Discipline filosofiche, XXIX, 1, 2019. Salomon Maimon: at the Origins of German Idealism, ed. by Lui

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According to Kant himself, Salomon Maimon was one of the most acute interlocutors and interpreters of the themes addressed in Critique of Pure Reason. Indeed, he was the first to attempt to grasp the transcendental approach of criticism in all its breadth and depth, highlighting on the one hand the conceptual incongruities and on the other – using, among other things, theoretical elements coming from the reflections of Spinoza, Leibniz and Hume – possible developments towards a recomposition of the traditional opposing figures: sensitivity and intellect, matter and form, finite and infinite. Hence the need, already recognised by Ernst Cassirer, to reconstruct his doctrine by establishing with his thought the same relationship that he established with the works of his contemporaries, according to a “pragmatic” hermeneutics committed to systematically exposing every single reflection. In this sense, his thought reveals a continuity and unity that goes beyond the fragmentary nature of his writings, while allowing one at the same time to measure their historical significance and their evident impact on contemporary philosophy.

The purpose of this volume is to offer a broad overview of the work of Maimon, seeking to ascertain its most important aspects through the analysis of his philosophical achievements and the influence they exerted on nineteenth and twentieth century thinking.

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