Analysis and Explication in 20th Century Philosophy

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 1 October 2018
Name der Publikation: Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy

Ever since the rise of the so-called analytic school in 20th century philosophy, philosophical analysis has often been considered to be synonymous with conceptual analysis, which in turn is usually associated with a kind of a priori probing of word-meaning that operates largely in the spirit of ordinary language philosophy.


Criticisms pertaining to issues like the paradox of analysis, the very notion of analyticity, the role of a priori reasoning, the origin of linguistic intuition, or the structure of mental representation, however, have all added to undermining confidence in the merits of conceptual analysis.


As far as the clarification of concepts is concerned, explication is therefore sometimes proposed as an alternative means. Seemingly less tied to a specific school of thought – and even less scrutinized than the concept ‘analysis’ – the notion of explication is not exempt from ambiguity; nor is it univocally acclaimed as an appropriate part of investigating philosophically interesting concepts.


For the next volume of Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy we invite submissions of new work on analytical and explicatory methods within 20th century philosophy. We seek to combine historical and systematic perspectives on philosophical methodology and especially encourage scholarship on the theories of analysis and explication as well as on central figures of 20th century analytic philosophy.


Guest-Editors: Frauke Albersmeier, Christoph Kann, David Hommen

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