The epistemological significance of methods in computer simulation

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Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: 1.5.2018
Datum: 01.05.2018
Name der Publikation: Minds & Machines
Veranstaltende Institution: HLRS, Universität Stuttgart

The transformation of science through computer simulation is often considered to be methodological. However, the relation between computer simulation methods and their epistemological significance is complex. Many of the techniques used follow pragmatic motives: in order to reduce the (mathematical, temporal) complexity of computer simulations, additional assumptions are introduced, and these are usually simplifications. Often further changes (follow-up assumptions) are necessary to mitigate the consequences of these initial simplifications. This engineering procedure makes it problematic to define the epistemic status of computer simulations. This special issue will collect articles focusing on aspects of the scientific methods in the context of simulations. The goal is twofold: collecting original analyses addressing both theoretical and technical problems and fostering interdisciplinary research.


We invite the submission of papers focusing on but not restricted to:


- Epistemic opacity as a methodological challenge

- The specific Role of Mathematics in CS

- The epistemological consequences of parametrization and discretization

- Verification, Validation & Evaluation of CS

- Trust in & Reliability of CS



To submit a paper for this special follow the instruction on philo.hlrs.de

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