Women and the History of Philosophy Call for Papers for a special issue of British Journal for the

E-Mail Adresse für Einreichungen: sarah.hutton@york.ac.uk; ruth.hagengruber@upb.de
Call-Bezeichnung: Call for Papers
Deadline: Deadline 15th August
Name der Publikation: Women and the History of Philosophy
Veranstaltende Institution: British Journal for the History of Philosophy

In recent years, the attention that has been paid to the philosophical women of the past has challenged prevailing assumptions that women made no significant contribution to the history of philosophy. An increasing body of work in the history of philosophy has demonstrated that women did indeed contribute significantly. The history of women’s philosophy is now recognised as a rich new domain of scholarly enquiry.

To highlight new research in the field, The British Journal for the History of Philosophy is planning a special issue devoted to women’s contribution to philosophy in the early modern period broadly understood (i.e. from the Renaissance to the early Enlightenment), to be edited by Sarah Hutton and Ruth Hagengruber.

Proposals are therefore invited for papers to be included in the special issue. These may be either on individual philosophers, women’s contribution to different branches of philosophy (including natural philosophy), or any other aspect of the history of early modern women’s philosophy. Submissions on the more neglected female thinkers in this period will be particularly welcome. And younger scholars are encouraged to submit proposals. All submissions will be refereed in accordance with BJHP practice (double-blind peer review).

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