Free Online Course on Philosophy and Religion

Presented by University of Edinburgh

The Eidyn Research Centre is proud to present a new free online course on the theme of Philosophy and Religion. A joint venture between Philosophy and Divinity at the University of Edinburgh and generously funded by the Templeton Foundation, this new free course includes guest lectures by:

Dr. Sarah Lane Ritchie (University of St Andrews)

Professor John Evans (University of California, San Diego)

Professor John Greco (St Louis University)

Professor John Schellenberg (Mount Saint Vincent University)

Dr. Rik Peels (Vrije Universiteit)

Professor Mark Alfano (Delft University of Technology/Australian Catholic University)

The course addresses questions such as:

•  What kind of conflicts are there between religion and science?

•  Does current cognitive science of religion effectively explain away God?

•  If there is a God who has made us so that we can know him, why do some people not believe?

•  Is belief in science also a kind of fundamentalism?

•  What makes us good at getting, giving, or sharing, knowledge? Is this different when it is religious knowledge?

The course is free and will be of interest to everyone who is intrigued by these questions–beginners and seasoned philosophers alike!


No university background is needed to follow the course at the standard level. For those wishing to engage with the issues at university level an honours track is provided with more challenging resources.

Enroll now!

https://www.coursera.org/learn<wbr />/philosophy-science-religion-2


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