Issues in Contemporary Contractualism

Ort: Zürich
Beginn: 13.10.2022 18:00
Ende: 15.10.2022 18:45

Organizers: Nadia Mazouz (ETH Zürich), Jens Gillessen (Philipps-Universität Marburg)

Having emerged from the older contractarian tradition in political philosophy, contractualist accounts today provide the most influential alternatives to consequentialist (alias teleological) thinking in ethics, the philosophy of law and political philosophy. The workshop “Issues in Contemporary Contractualism” will present new work in the field and promote the development of contractualist theorizing through discussion.

The workshop will be held in a hybrid format. Due to space restrictions and prospective pandemic measures, guests are invited to attend online. Since prior registration will be required to obtain access, please fill in the registration form at forms.gle/n2trRmy6epwdSosBA before October 6, 2022.

If you encounter a problem or wish to cancel your registration, please contact Victoria Laszlo (sekretariat_ephil@gess.ethz.ch).

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