Social Ontology and Phenomenology: Contest or Convergence?

Ort: Berlin
Beginn: 13.10.2022 09:00
Ende: 14.10.2022 15:00

Historically speaking, the connection between phenomenology and social ontology could not be more intimate, given that the term “social ontology” was first coined by Husserl himself, and further used by his students Edith Stein and Gerda Walter, among others. However, the further development of these fields seem to have parted ways – an estrangement that John Seale expresses in a – questionable – response to Hubert Dreyfus in the following way: Phenomenologists “do not have much to contribute to the topic […] of the logical structure of social and institutional reality” (Searle, 2001, 284). If this is a common view about the relation between phenomenology and social ontology, it is worth reconsidering the origins, trajectories, and systematic relations between these domains of philosophizing. Indeed, the alleged opposition of social ontology and phenomenology might turn out to be misleading.

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