Categories and kinds: Ancient Philosophers on the Structure of Reality

Ort: München
Beginn: 08.07.2022 14:00
Ende: 10.07.2022 13:00

The GANPH (Gesellschaft für antike Philosophie – Workgroup on Theoretical Philosophy in Antiquity: ganph.de/arbeitsgemeinschaften/theoretische-philosophie) and the Munich School of Ancient Philosophy (MUSAPh) are pleased to invite you to the International Conference ‘Categories and Kinds: Ancient Philosophers on the Structure of Reality’, which will take place in Munich, on 8th-10th July 2022.

From Plato’s highest genera in the Sophist to Aristotle’s categorial scheme and transcategorial predicates to later developments in Hellenistic and Neoplatonic traditions, ancient and late ancient philosophy displays a number of different but intertwined approaches to a systematic account of the basic structures of reality. The main goal of the conference is that of providing a framework for the discussion of such theories.

The conference will include a key-note lecture by Fiona Leigh (University College London).

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